Performance art/performing arts

Category: performance art

Performer: Tan Tan

Duration: 1 hour

8 Mar. 19.00, 2018

At Manifestation Against Sexism 2018 (Mars tegen Seksisme 2018) in Gent, Belgium

It is a story about a “misplaced woman” comes from China lives currently in Belgium, who attempts to find her place as a foreign woman despite all the stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings. But sometimes, she needs to disguise herself like a model in a fashion show, to act different roles that she is supposed to be…She tries very hard to be with the people here and fight with them, but she fails again and again… She even can't understand what they are fighting for… The only thing she could do is to live like a flowing river, dancing, singing, and crossing anywhere in the world, for her existence and journey of life is the best manifestation.

Category: performance art

Performer: Tan Tan

Duration: 1 hour

 29 Nov. 19.30, 2017

at "Trouble Diaries: A political statement" International Female Artists Exhibition,Big House Art Center, Wuhan, China

The title of this work is adapted from “Art must be Beautiful; Artist must be Beautiful” (1975) by famous female artist Marina Abramović.

This work is also dedicated to another female artist who had been covered by the ashes of history, she is Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. Several recent research showed that she might be the real author of “Fountain” of Marcel Duchamp...

This performance is a question, a sign, and a confrontation.


Category: performance art

Artist: Tan Tan, Sophie Saporosi

Duration: 40min

June 17, 2017

at"Images Vivantes" Art Exhibition, Lesbrouss'art Gallery, Brussels

Tan Tan and Rosa Mund are the honored programmers of "Venize Biennale 2017". They were invited to host this auction for the exhibition "Images Vivantes" in Belgium, to sell some artistic/personal objects from well-known artists Parole & Pôlet, including their used socks, underwear, notebook, strange antiques, etc.

Rosa Mund was in charge of the speaking part of the auction show, while Tan Tan did several witchcrafts to illustrate the precious values of each object. Indeed, they were craps of artists, which made them very unique. At the end, the auction was a success proofed with more than 100 euro's income.


Category: performance art

Performers: Tan Tan, Eric Bribosia, Sophie Saporosi

Duration: 20 min

May 16-17, 2017

at Giardini, Arsenale, during the 57th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia

TanBo, the winner of "Super Lion Award" of Venize Biennale 2015 answered some crucial questions from a journalist at Venice Biennale 2017, during the opening week. Many audience were attracted by the interview.

The 4 questions are:

  • Why do you do art?

  • How to become a successful artist?Do you have some words to say to the Art circle?

  • How to be selected by the official program of Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia)?

The Principles of Survival of Today's Artistic Career/Life


Category: Lecture performance

Performers: Tan Tan, Sophie Saporosi

Length: 30min

18 March 2017

at at international conference "DANCE NOW-work with(out) boundaries", Gent, Belgium, March

As an artist working on contemporary art, meanwhile an artist from a country which is not the "centre" of contemporary art, Tan Tan always works and lives in elsewhere, without the boundaries between work and life.

Her lecture-performance attempts to reveal how today's artists earn their lives through their art, or do art relying on their mode of life.

Category:Performance/ Video Art

Performer: Tan Tan


8th Nov. 2015

at Arsenale, Corderie, Artiglierie, Tuvalu pavilion, the alley outside of Arsenale, during the 56th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia

This is one of the most important performances in  "Venize Biennale 2015", which was created and performed by Tan Tan at the 56thVenice Biennale.

The work began with Tan Tan's improvisation during an "official" performance “In the Midst of Things” of Venice Biennale. She tried to interact with the performers who came into the audience. After a while, one of the performers shouted, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” so the other performers stopped their performing. “This woman has nothing to do with the performance! …We must stop it because you might think that she has something to do with the performance!” The angry performer pointed at Tan Tan and declared...

Category: Performance/ Video Art

Performers: Tan Tan, Eric Bribosia

Length: 7:12 min

7th Nov. 2015

at Giardini, in front of Stirling Pavilion, the passage to Central Pavilion, Spanish pavilion, during the 56th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia

This is one of the most important performances in "Venize Biennale 2015",which was created and performed at the 56thVenice Biennale.

Tan Tan and Eric Bribosia walk, stand, sit and lay with pajamas at many spaces of Giardini during the 56th La Biennale di Venezia. Their actions drew big attentions from the audience, artists and the security of the exhibition. Actually the performance was a walk in the “Alice's Wonderland” with “Emperor's New Suit”.

Special thanks to Salvador Dalí, Francesc Ruiz, Pepo Salazar, for having inspired the creation of TanBo. The name of the work is dedicated to “Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful” by Marina Abramović.

Category: Performance, video, sound art, interactive art

Performers:Tan Tan, Eric Bribosia, artist group “Poor CD Band”

Sep. 2015

The premiere of this performance was implemented at the opening of “DM@CC——2015 Wuhan Digital Art Invitational Exhibition” in Wuhan Art Museum.

During the two third of the performance, the audience could only see the work on their mobiles after scanning the QR codes. The performance doesn’t exist only if the audience participate fully during the whole process, thus the audience are performers as well!

For instance,after scanning the codes the audience could enter a “channel”and a “Chatting group” built by Tan Tan in the APP“WeChat”, which is the “top one” communicating application for Chinese people. In the “channel” named “Where is China”,they could see a number of images and videos representing the impression of “Chinese culture” .While In the “Chatting group”,they saw TanBo and “Poor CD Band”showing their photos and videos lively, claiming that they are "performing", besides they could chat with all the people in the group, they even could get some money as gifts… At the last stage of this show, the already mixed community with performers and audience made a “sacrificial ritual”for the mobiles together.


Music/sound, performing

Category: Experimental theatre (physical theatre)

Director /dramaturge: Li Ning

Music/sound, performing: TanBo

Performers: Qiang Wei, Liu Qing, Han Song, Li Ning, Li Jia, Yan Sanyuan, Wang Yongcheng/ J-Town Physical Guerrillas

Production company: Nanjing Drug Art Museum

Producer: Huang Yao

Jul. to Sep. 2015

With the creation of awarded theatre director and choreographer Li Ning, this theatre depicts people’s “souls” in a physical and powerful way. It is consisted of two main parts, the first part shows a desperate working course in an abstract factory with only stones, the second part is a ritual of the “death”and “rebirth”of the workers from the factory…  

TanBo composed the music/sound of the whole show, and performed as both live musicians and performers at several festivals, such as Beijing Fringe Festival 2015 and 2016 Wuzhen Theatre Festival, which are the two most important and cutting-edge theatre festival in China. In the performances, TanBo contributed their own creation and improvisation to the work, in both musical and dramaturgic directions.

Category: performance, music/sound art, installation

Performers:Tan Tan, Eric Bribosia, Wu Haizhu, Zhu Linan

Feb. 2015

TanBo convinced a new fashion shopping mall to turn all their light off for 30 min, to undertake this performance.

One evening of February, 2015, this shopping mall was turned into a mysterious theatre hall. The show began with a “shadow dance” of the performers Tan Tan, Wu Haizhu, Zhu Linan with Eric Bribosia’s music/sound art. And then, the performers went into the dark, the audience saw a lot of shadows of products on sell in different colors and transformed shapes, but they could barely see the performers who were making these shadows …

This performance is a metaphor of“the Allegory of the Cave”from Plato in a modern commercial context. The material world that we are in, may be just some shadows in a cave…

Category: Physical theatre, performance art

Planner: Tan Tan  

Director, choreographer : Li Ning, Tan Tan  

Sound/Music: Eric Bribosia

Performers: Li Ning, Wu Haizhu, Song Ziwei, Yu Guo, Gong Ting, Zhao Ying, Luo Shuang, He Chengyun, Zhu Linan, Lu Yimeng, Zhang Liangxuan, Xu Sumo, Chen Mengdi, Fan Peipei, Zhan Di, Shi Yanjie, Cai Mengyuan, Song Zhaoyun, Wu Xiaofeng

Apr. to Jun. 2014

This is an intermedia performance with elements of physical theatre, performance art, sound art and installation, and the working method is based on collective creation between individual artists.

This work was created during three months of workshops organized by Tan Tan at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (Wuhan, China), with collaboration of choreographer Li Ning, musician Eric Bribosia, and teachers/artists Wang Xiaoxin, Liu Wenyang.It was showed at “2014 Sound/Body/Image/Power-Multi-Media Art Festival” for two times.

Conceptually speaking, the creation departed from one subject “faith and ritual” set by Tan Tan. As a result, the audience can see how do people look for their faiths among ancient religious and modern patterns, for instance, there are actions look like Buddhist ritual, money worship ritual and hi-tech worship ritual…

Category: Sound performance /installation

Artist:Eric Bribosia, Tan Tan

Performers:Eric Bribosia, Tan Tan, Zhang Liangxuan, Zhan Di, Shi Yanjie, Cai Mengyuan, Song Zhaoyun, Wu Xiaofeng

Jun. 2014

This work has two forms, sound performance and installation.

8 loudspeakers circling the space plays 8 voices separately, which are reciting some words of the stories of creation of the world from different traditions (Christianism, Taoism, hinduism, bouddhism, African mythological stories...) in different languages. The voices are from the readers of the culture from which the text is taken (arabic for the Coran, hebrew for the bible...) .

At “2014 Sound/Body/Image/Power-Multi-Media Art Festival”, this performance was performed in a closed tent like a “black box”on a terrace. The audience were asked to put eye masks to hide the light, so they sat in the dark at the beginning of the performance. During the performance, gradually, the roof of the tent was removed little by little, in order to let the light pass more and more.At last, the tent was exposed to the daylight completely, the audience removed their eye masks, and then found themselves were still under a narrow sky surrounded by high buildings, and heard full of noises of the city…


Sound art/ Performing


Category: Performance art/ physical theatre

Artists: The physical Guerrillas, Tan Tan, Eric Bribosia

At: China Academy of Art

5th July, 2013

This is an artistic communication and spiritual interaction between Li Ning/The physical Guerrillas and TanBo, at “Media, Art and Performance: The International Syposium of Interdisciplinary Practice And Performative Media In Art Education” held by China Academy of Art.

  • “Improvised Alchemy” Experimental music + VJ performance, , Wuhan, China, June, 2013

  • “May it be” Experimental music+VJ performance with Matthieu Ha, Wuhan, China, May, 2013

  • “Music Painting & Image Orchestra” Experimental music+VJ performance with Matthieu Ha, Wuhan, China, May, 2013

  • Vj performance with Jazz band “Mû” (Yann Lecollaire: Clarinet, Quentin Manfroy: flutes, Benjamin Chaval, drums,Eric Bribosia: Keyboard, synthesizer), Brussels, Belgium, 2012-2014

  • "Hypnogenetic Moments" VJ Performance + live music and painting with Anton Lustig, Beijing, China, 2009

  • VJ Performance with French band “Planetarium” (Rodolphe Burger&Yves Dormoy), tour in 9 cities in China, as an important project of “The China-French Cultural Spring”, May, 2009