Category: Physical theatre, performance art

length: 90 min

Planner: Tan Tan  

Director, choreographer : Li Ning, Tan Tan  

Sound/Music: Eric Bribosia

Performers: Li Ning, Wu Haizhu, Song Ziwei, Yu Guo, Gong Ting, Zhao Ying, Luo Shuang, He Chengyun, Zhu Linan, Lu Yimeng, Zhang Liangxuan, Xu Sumo, Chen Mengdi, Fan Peipei, Zhan Di, Shi Yanjie, Cai Mengyuan, Song Zhaoyun, Wu Xiaofeng


Participation of festival: 2014 Sound/Body/Image/Power-Multi-Media Art Festival, Wuhan, China, April, June

This is an intermedia performance with elements of physical theatre, performance art, sound art and installation, and the working method is based on collective creation between individual artists.

This work was created during three months of workshops organized by Tan Tan at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (Wuhan, China), with collaboration of choreographer Li Ning, musician Eric Bribosia, and teachers/artists Wang Xiaoxin, Liu Wenyang.It was showed at “2014 Sound/Body/Image/Power-Multi-Media Art Festival” for two times.

Conceptually speaking, the creation departed from one subject “faith and ritual” set by Tan Tan. As a result, the audience can see how do people look for their faiths among ancient religious and modern patterns, for instance, there are actions look like Buddhist ritual, money worship ritual and hi-tech worship ritual…

Performance at Hubei Institute of Fine Art, Wuhan, China, April

 Performance at K11 Art Space, Wuhan, China, June

Video of 30 min fragments of the performance at K11 Art Space, Wuhan, China, June