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Moving image



Physical theatre "THE DICTIONARY OF SOUL"

Urban space

social intervention

spiritual healing

Experimental film " LOST IN HOME "

Experimental film "LOST IN HOME"

Intermedia work "UNKNOWN RITUAL No.1"

Interactive installation " Fire- nirvana

Performance artwork “We have nothing to do with Art”


Tan Tan is an artist and curator. Currently lives and works in Belgium and China. She holds a Master’s degree from China Central Academy Of Fine Arts, and a lecturer’s position at Hubei Institute Of Fine Arts (Wuhan, China). Since 2015 she started a PhD research at Department of Art, Music and Theatre Studies, Ghent University (Gent, Belgium)

Her oeuvre so far includes experimental film/video art, as well as intermedia art that combine performance, music and sound art, image, installation, etc. Urban spaces, social intervention, and spiritual healing are the core topics concerned in her work. Mixing reality and fiction, intervening site-specifically and constructing special situation are the main artistic strategies.

With her works she had several solo exhibitions, participated various international film festivals, art exhibitions and theatre festivals, such as 60th Berlin International Film Festival, 2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), 43rd Tampere Film Festival, 2012 Images Festival(Canada), 35th Göteborg International Film Festival, Asian Art Top Show 2010(China), 1st ASEAN Biennial(China), Beijing Fringe Festival 2015(China), Wuzhen Theatre Festival 2016 (China). Some of her works were collected by artistic Cable TV station SFE TV (Germany), Li Xianting Film Fundation (China).

She also engages in research and curatorship. For instance she curated an experimental film/video art program "China Experience" at the 43th Tampere Film Festival in 2013. In 2014, she was selected by the China Artist Association for a “Middle-aged and Young Chinese Artists and Scholars of 2014 Overseas Research Scheme”, to do research several art centers in Belgium, and Ars Electronica in Austria. In recent years, she focuses on scheming interventionist, site-specific, intermedia art activities, and organizing international academic exchanges.

Recent activities (exhibitions, film festivals, performances…)


  • Making Time, for your Artlife | InSEA World Congress Delegate Digital Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada

  • Music residency and concerts at Donghushan Art Museum, Wuhan, March

  • Perform in theater “The Dictionary of Soul”, in the program of “Creative China Festival”, La Mama Experimental theater, New York, the US, February, 2019


  • “Burnt of Snow” Performance Art Season - the sixth time -19℃, Inner Mongolia, December, 2018

  • “70,80,90” Wuhan Youth Artist Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tanghu Art Museum, Wuhan, November, 2018

  • “Thousands of sprouts” International Female Artists Online Exhibition, November, 2018

  • The 39th Show of Cement Park Live House, SOWERART Space, Shanghai

  • International Factory Theater Festival Laiwu, Laiwu, October

  • Fangyu Art Festvial, Jinan, October

  • Silk Bridges - A meeting between contemporary artists from China and Costa Rica, Veritas University, Costa Rica, September

  • “A Pink River”(performance art)in response to “MISPLACED WOMEN?” project by Tanja Ostojić, performed at Annual Manifestation Against Sexism Gent, Belgium, March


  • Qingdao Independent Film Festival 2017, Qingdao, December

  • Urban Nomadism: 2017 Hangzhou Liangzhu Big Roof International Moving Image Exhibition, December

  • “Encore” International Engravings Exhibition, ADGY International Cultural Center, Beijing, December

  • Magmart international videoart festival-winner of X° edition, Scugnizzo Liberato, Naples, Italy, November

  • "Trouble Diaries: A political statement" International Female Artists Exhibition, Wuhan, November

  • "Art night Kempten" Biennale 2017, Kempten, Germany

  • 2nd Chinese Women Artists Video Art Festiva, Mexico City, Mexico, August

  • Venize Biennale World Tour 2017-Documenta Stop, Kassel, Germany

  • Art Now Live Tour 3, Kassel, Germany

  • "Images Vivantes" Art Exhibition, Lesbrouss'art Gallery, June

  • Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017, May to November

  • Venize Biennale 2017 "TRANS-BORDERING ART", Venice, Italy,May

  • Lecture performance“The Principles of Survival of Today's Artistic Career/Life” at international conference "DANCE NOW-work with(out) boundaries", Gent, Belgium, March

  • Solo exhibition “Unknown Ritual No.1”, Le Clignoteur Art Space, Brussels, Belgium, January


  • Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Wuzhen, China, October

  • “Paint one another, know one another”Sino Foreign Fine Art Exhibition, Yan Huang Art Musuem, Beijing, China, September

  • TanBo Solo exhibition "Venize Biennale World Tour 2016-Chongqing Stop", Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, China, June

  • Chinese Short Film Festival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian National Art Gallery, Central Palace of Culture, Mongolia, June

  • Videos&Experimental Films by Artist in Wuhan, The Project of Moving Image XII, U&M Art Space, Guangzhou, China, May-June

  • The trailer of “Unknown Ritual” was selected in the program of artistic Cable TV station SFE TV (Souvenirs from Earth Television), Germany, April


  • Beijing Fringe Festival 2015, Beijing, China, September

  • DM@CC——2015 Wuhan Digital Art Invitational Exhibition, Wuhan Art Museum,September

  • Chinese Women Artists Video Art Festival, Mexico City, Mexico, June

  • 1st Changjiang International photography & Video Biennale, Chongqing, China, April

  • 11th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival, New Delhi, India, March

  • TanBo Intermedia Performance “Shadow/ Matter”+Improvised Music/Sound Art Workshop, Wuhan, China, February


  • "EXIM 2014"-Experimental Video Festival in Macao, China, November

  • "Self-Consistency" Installation and Video Exhibition at Creative Capital International Art Festival, Wuhan, October

  • DANS QUELLE VIE TU MONDE(S)?-2014 “The China-French Cultural Spring”,Wuhan,China,June

  • 2014 “Sound/Body/Image/Power” Multi-Media Art Festival -“Faith Ÿ Pain and Itching”Performance Art Session + Contemporary Art Exhibition,chi K11 art space,Wuhan,China

  • Academy+Space "Social Dimension"-Young Artists Invitational Exhibition, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China, April


  • 1st ASEAN Biennial, Nanning, China, December

  • 2rd Wuhan Design Biennale, Wuhan, China, November

  • 3rd Beijing film Academy International New Media Arts Triennial Exhibition, Beijing, China, October

  • China Central Academy Of Fine Arts Agnès Varda's Award,Beijing, China, October

  • "Lost In Home"Tan Tan Experimental Film/Video Art, CCD Workstation, Beijing, China, August

  • The 10th Beijing Independent Film Festival, Beijing, China, August

  • "Lost in Home"Tan Tan Moving Image Exhibition+Improvised Music Concert, Jiali Gallery, Beijing, China, July

  • "Constelacion"videoarte en femenino,Calera de León, Spain,July

  • VJ&sound art+Matthieu Ha&Eric Bribosia, Wuhan, China, May

  • Experimental Film/Video 27th Image Forum Festival, Tokyo, Japan, April-May

  • 43th Tampere Film Festival-"Retrospective of Tan Tan", Tampere, Finland, March

  • "FestArt"exhibition of 43th Tampere Film Festival-"China Experience", Tampere, Finland, February


  • 4th "Festival Shadows"Chinese Independent Film Festival, Paris, France

  • "Eyeseverywhere: East and West Women Artists"exhibition, The Gallery of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China, June

  • 25th Images Festival, Toronto, Canada, April

  • 42th Tampere Film Festival, Tampere, Finland, March

  • 35th Göteborg International Film Festival, Göteborg, Sweden, January

  • 41th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, January


  • "EXIM 2011"-Experimental Video Festival in Macao, China, December

  • 7th Culture and Art Festival of Songzhuang, Beijing, China, October

  • 8th China Independent Film Festival, Nanjing, China, October

  • 1st Shandong Video Art Exhibition-TCL Interactive Art, Jinan, China, October

  • ELLES TOURNENT - Women's Film Festival Brussels, Belgium, September “China New Design””Exhibition for Italy & China Culture Year, Triennale Design Museum of Milano, Palace Art Gallery of Torino, Italy, June

  • 3th China college Student 3 min Film Festival “Avant-Garde” section, Zhuhai, China, May

  • “MIX—BOX 3 4 5”New Media Art Exhibition, Chengdu, China, April--May

  • 2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), Rotterdam, the Netherlands, January


  • “Berliner Aids Hilfe”film festival,Berlin, Germany, November

  • “Boundless City” Wuhan in youth experimental video exhibition, Wuhan, China, November

  • The 2nd Beijing Film Academy New Media Art Triennial, Beijing, China, October

  • 7th China Independent Film Festival, Nanjing, China, October

  • Hubei Institute of Fine Arts's 90th anniversary Exhibition, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China, October

  • “New view of academy” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Literature Art Centre, Wuhan, China, October

  • "Everyone’s Donghu lake" Art project, Wuhan, China, July-August

  • "X SPACE" exhibition, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan, China, July

  • 60th Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, February

  • Asian Art Top Show 2010, Beijing, China, February

Selected awards

  • The work <Lost In Home> won "The Best Exploration" Award at 5th XI'AN International video festival, Xi’an, China, October,2014

  • The work<positive> won a prize of "New Emerging Experimental Filmmaker Academy Awards" at The Second Beijing Film Acadamy New Media Art Triennial, Beijing, October, 2010

  • The documentary <A Disappearance Foretold>, for which I worked as a photographer, won the Scam International Award of the "Cinéma du Réel Film Festival 2008"