Intermedia art

Where is china



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Web news art/ Interactive installation

Artist: Tan Tan


China, an enormous country, is disappearing from the world rapidly in a way! Because the spiritual realm of the population is being transmitted into mobile phones.People have learned to watch the world on mobiles, to eat on mobiles, to make weddings on mobiles, to be born and dead on mobiles…

That’s why Tan Tan tried to “search China” via mobiles. In August 2015, she built a “channel”on “WeChat”(the most used chatting APP in China), to collect pictures, videos and audios from strangers on one subject “Where is China?”. After more than one month, she released many “web news” with dozens of materials from people all around China, so the audience of the channel could view these “art works”in the news.

On the other hand, Tan Tan generated the materials into QR code,and then used more than 40 of them to make an installation work “Where is China”. The audience can scan the printings of QR codes everywhere around the exhibiting space, and see the art works one by one on their own mobiles.Thus, this work can be regarded as a combination of memories of Chinese people behind the digital patterns…     

1st Changjiang International Present Art Exhibition

-Collaboration with other artist

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This work started from some real performances, and then was  transferred into“hoax”with web news.

In one grand award ceremony of an Art Biennale in China, Tan Tan gathered two other “unawarded” artists, and planned their own "exhibition" immediately at the site of the ceremony. They call it “1st Changjiang International Present Art Exhibition”, which was a name adapted from the “original one”. The "exhibition"was undertaken in the hall after the "real ceremony" finished, in which they carried out a “performance art competition”, and issued “golden, silver, bronze” prizes for themselves...

At last, the three were succeeded to be symbolically awarded by the “real chairman”(he is the most famous pioneer of Chinese contemporary art) of the “real exhibition”.

With that the group spread the news of their award on “WeChat”(chatting App on mobile), therein the text was very ridiculous and illustrated with photos that were modified by photoshop badly. Surprisingly, they still received plenty of sincere congratulations from friends and strangers…

Category: Performance art, photography, web news art

Concept:Tan Tan

Artist:Tan Tan, XXW, Liang Shuang


Water  fire  earth

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Category: Installation, video art, performance art, interactive media art

Artist:Tan Tan


This series of art contains three parts, a video installation “Water-flower in the mirror, moon in the water”, an interactive media installation “Fire- nirvana”, and a performance/installation “Earth-Sukhavati”.

These works focus on the past and present of the original natural elements “Water, Fire, Earth” of our world, which are mutual core elements set by ancient Greek philosophers and philosophy of “I Ching” in China. In both western and eastern thinking, the movements and interactions of these elements cause the changes of the universe, thereby affect the life of every human being.

From bringing back the attention of the nature elements, Tan Tan hopes to explore the current status of the running of them in contemporary China, which is a crazily “booming” country getting further and further from her origin…

Lost In Home

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Category: Experimental film/Video installation/Moving image+live Music

Artist:Tan Tan

Music/sound:Eric Bribosia


This work has been shown often in the form of Experimental film/video installation, but it can be regarded as an intermedia art work as well. Because there are vital elements of photography, live performance during the shooting of the work, and after it was produced, it has been exhibited in diverse ways such as moving image with live music.

“Xian An Fang” is an old community built from 1910 to the 30s. It had ever been the best-preserved stone-ringed door community in China, and one of the most western-culture-influenced neighboorhood. From 2012, it has been demolished and rebuilt, so the memories of 100 years will disappear under the new cover. The work uses “Xian An Fang” as a background, and attempts to break the boundaries between documentary, fiction and performance, by the means of creating a subjective time-space which is parallel to the reality of China.


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Category :Photograph, video art,documentary, installation, performance art

Artist:Tan Tan.


The leading roles of this work series are some building models for promoting a real estate, which used to be the foreground to people's attention, but after the houses were sold they became nonsense.

I brought the models travelling with me to many places in Wuhan city, and recorded the absurd relationship between them and our life space. During this course, I also showed them to public in several new forms, so as to make a “rebirth ritual” for their “dead bodies”…

Serie 1:Installation of photographs and videos.

Serie 2: Performance art: I hanged a big poster of a fictitious estate development project “The Last Big Hair House By Donghu Lake” with the images of the models at a bus station.

Serie 3: Multi-media installation: I made a fake “sale house” for “The Last Big Hair House By Donghu Lake” in an art exhibition, which was held in a high-class commercial zone.