Category: Performance art, photography, web news art

Concept:Tan Tan

Artist:Tan Tan, XXW, Liang Shuang


                                                              The web news of the "awards" on a channel of “WeChat”

This work started from some real performances, and then was  transferred into“hoax”with web news.

In one grand award ceremony of an Art Biennale in China, Tan Tan gathered two other “unawarded” artists, and planned their own "exhibition" immediately at the site of the ceremony. They call it “1st Changjiang International Present Art Exhibition”, which was a name adapted from the “original one”. The "exhibition"was undertaken in the hall after the "real ceremony" finished, in which they carried out a “performance art competition”, and issued “golden, silver, bronze” prizes for themselves...

At last, the three were succeeded to be symbolically awarded by the “real chairman”(he is the most famous pioneer of Chinese contemporary art) of the “real exhibition”.

With that the group spread the news of their award on “WeChat”(chatting App on mobile), therein the text was very ridiculous and illustrated with photos that were modified by photoshop badly. Surprisingly, they still received plenty of sincere congratulations from friends and strangers…

The award ceremony of “1ST CHANGJIANG INTERNATIONAL PRESENT ART EXHIBITION” unveiled marvelously, moguls of international art world came one after another

The spectacular occasion of the award ceremony

Tan Tan is creating “Rising One body for the eminent stage”

Tan Tan and Liang Shuang are creating “Seeing the world”

XXW is creating “The prop”

Tan Tan and Liang Shuang are tasting the golden medals

In the evening of April 27, 2015, the award ceremony of “1st Changjiang International Present Art Exhibition” was held by the “Changjiang(Yangtze River)Waves”organizing committee triumphantly. Above 500 top-level people in the international art world including famous artists, art scholars, and art journalists from more than 30 countries, as well as ambassadors from many embassies, attended in this ceremony.

In addition to the art works that exhibited in the exhibition, another special program was shown during the ceremony, that is, a “friendly performance art competition” among all the presenting artists. The art experts invited in the ceremony gave the marks on every work performed by the artists of the group. What a pioneering in the art history it was!

Among the competitors, a famous awarded artist group “ Envious, jealous and hateful experts in awards” incorporates three well-known artists. One is artist Tan Tan, who performed her death on the stage of the award ceremony, which is named “Rising One body for the eminent stage”( dedicate to a famous performance in Chinese contemporary art history “Rising One Meter for the Nameless Mountain”, 1995). For creating this art work, she dead on the stage that she had craved for long without hesitation. In order to praise her fearless sacrifice spirit, the committee awarded her many “Golden medals”.

Following, “freshman of art” Liang Shuang joined Tan Tan who was just reborn in the flower. These two performed another excellent art work “Seeing the world” with their bright eyes. Hence, they deservingly won several “Silver medals”.  

The third artist XXW created an art work “ The prop”. In this work she hided herself into the prop of the award ceremony, which was the podium on the stage. But because she cloaked herself too thoroughly, no one in the jury could see her, thus she missed the medals in the individual performance section. Her hair turned into white in one second by her depression for the result…

The two awarded artists felt extremely exited for their records. They even tasted their medals by themselves! Surprisingly, they found that the medals were not made of real gold! With a huge anger, they decide to participate in the team competition of “ Rhythmic gymnastics of art”, with a target to earn some real golds.

And then, the three artists showed their maximum wisdom in their collective creation “ We are seated alone”. For making this work, they sat on about 40 stacked chairs which still kept the body temperatures from the asses of the “unawarded artists”, with a big risk to fall on the floor. During one hour, no staff or other artists noticed them, or recognized their art creation. Finally, this unique work won the first prize authorited by the “Changjiang Waves”organizing committee.

Concequently, “Envious, jealous and hateful experts in awards” held a press conference at the bank of Yangtze River, which shocked the whole art world inside China and abroad. There the chairman of the exhibition, who is called "the God father of Chinese contemporary art",  awarded the artists a cheque of 20,000 RMB.

The themes of “1st Changjiang International Present Art Exhibition” contains witness, communication, and self-examination. This exhibition didn’t only enhance the international exchanges in art, but also brought profound meanings in creating innovative thinking model, modifying the current status of art system, opening the door of new palace of art…

The winners' team work “ We are seated alone”

"The God father of Chinese contemporary art" awarded them a big prize “Rolling Waves”