Shadow/ Matter

Category: performance, music/sound art, installation

Concept and Director:Tan Tan

Artist:Tan Tan, Eric Bribosia

Cooperative performers: Wu Haizhu, Zhu Linan


Participation of activity: “Hi Books Art Salon”, Wuhan, China, February, 2015

TanBo convinced a new fashion shopping mall to turn all their light off for 30 min, to undertake this performance. One evening of February, 2015, this shopping mall was turned into a mysterious theatre hall. The show began with a “shadow dance” of the performers Tan Tan, Wu Haizhu, Zhu Linan with Eric Bribosia’s music/sound art. And then, the performers went into the dark, the audience saw a lot of shadows of products on sell in different colors and transformed shapes, but they could barely see the performers who were making these shadows …

This performance is a metaphor of“the Allegory of the Cave”from Plato in a modern commercial context. The material world that we are in, may be just some shadows in a cave…