toured in 9 cities in China, as an important project of “The China-French Cultural Spring”, May, 2009



With Anton Lustig

“Hypnogenetic Moments”

VJ+ live music and painting , Beijing, China, November, 2009


Dutch-born Anton Lustig likes doing several things at a time. He could be described as a painter, musician and specialist on the almost unknown Jingpo minority and their language, in a remote part of Yunnan.

Tan Tan is a talented Chinese artist with innovative ideas. Apart from experimental videos and installations, she also makes broad forms of multi-media art. In her works, she often plays with her inner experiences and her observations of life in China, puzzling the audience by the variation between experimental and documentary elements.

Tan Tan’s VJ artwork for this upcoming event was based on Anton Lustig’s paintings and music. Anton made new paintings and music onsite, improvised and semi-simultaneously, with a specially designed glass installation, which was worked into the live VJ artwork by Tan Tan. 




With Eric Bribosia

“Improvised Alchemy”, “Sound/Body/Image/Power” Multi-Media Art Festival , Wuhan, China, June, 2013 



With Matthieu Ha

 “May it be” , Wuhan, China, May, 2013

“Music Painting & Image Orchestra” , Wuhan, China, May, 2013



With Jazz band “Mû”

 (Yann Lecollaire: Clarinet, Quentin Manfroy: flutes, Benjamin Chaval, drums,Eric Bribosia: Keyboard, synthesizer), Brussels, Belgium, 2012-2014