Tan Tan et Rosa Mund, Vente aux enchères Faitichiste

Category: performance art

Artist: Tan Tan, Sophie Saporosi

Duration: 40min

June 17, 2017

Performed at"Images Vivantes" Art Exhibition, Lesbrouss'art Gallery, Brussels

       Tan Tan and Rosa Mund are the honored programmers of "Venize Biennale 2017". They were invited to host this auction for the exhibition "Images Vivantes" in Belgium, to sell some artistic/personal objects from well-known artists Parole & Pôlet, including their used socks, underwear, notebook, strange antiques, etc.

       Rosa Mund was in charge of the speaking part of the auction show, while Tan Tan did several witchcrafts to illustrate the precious values of each object. Indeed, they were craps of artists, which made them very unique. At the end, the auction was a success proofed with more than 100 euro's income.

Video edited by Benjamin Boutboul

        It's about questionning the status of the sacred object.
        It's about surfing between wisdom and crazyness, delirious reality we all face... is this a fake world?
        It's about selling at the higher bidder object that has crossed frontiers to become powerfull and sacred, extracted from the quotidian banality through this "Ritual Journey", bare minimum to consecrate the Object. Magical Object, witchcraft object.

        The Story of the object, its past, its inhabitant ghosts will be revealed through the chamane's hands. The Chamane is the pathfinder to the other world. The rituel attached to the story transform the object into a symbol of power, embodiment of invisible power. It will reveal a certain value, an amount of money that can buy the Fetich, putting it suddenly back in the real world. The money world. Turning the fetich against itself and throwing it back into the quotidian reality of buying things while making believe the owner of the object that he is buying Some Pieces From The Sacred Ass Of The Artist.

       Between paganism and mass culture, the actual form of the fetich in our occidental societies are so diverse that we forgot where it's belong in the first place. To this Upper World (Upper East Side maybe), The world in the sky, the world of occult power. If God is dead, God is alive - and you can buy it.

[By Sophie Saporosi]