VENIZE BIENNALE Online Exhibition 2015

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Curator:Tan Tan

Artist: Tan Tan, Eric Bribosia

Duration: 23 Nov.2015 - 3 Jan. 2016

In the end of November, 2015, after TanBo announced to the world that they won the first "Super Lion Award" of “Venize Biennale”in the art history, they spread an “online exhibition” with their awarded works in several editions of web news. 

These works were created during the 56th Venice Biennale, and also in one and a half month after the closing day of the biennale. There are mainly two series of the works, “hacking high art” and “labeling ready-made”. The former one refers to the works that employs existing art works of Venice Biennale as backgrounds, like entering another performance piece with Tan Tan's performing, or putting two masks they bought into another artist’s mask installation… The latter style means that TanBo "claim" some objects or landscapes in Venice city, regarding them as their own art works, so as to inherit Duchamp’s “ready-made" in the reality of daily life but not in art spaces.

The awarded works of the Online Exhibition 2015 contain performance, photograph, video, installation, sound art.

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TanBo awarded works Ⅰ

TanBo awarded works Ⅱ

TanBo awarded works Ⅲ

TanBo awarded works Ⅳ

TanBo awarded works V

TanBo awarded works Ⅵ

Photographs(with installations, performances) 

A representative element in the photographs is that, there is always a hand holding a label at the bottom corner, with the text declaring TanBo's authority, as if the scene was inside an art exhibition.

* Hacking High Art *  Works at the site of 56th Venice Biennale

* Labeling Ready-made *  Works in the city of Venice:

Two performances 

"Art must be relax; Artist must be relax"

Artist: Tan Tan & Eric Bribosia

Length: 7:12 min    7th Nov. 2015

“We Have Nothing To Do With Art”

Artist: Tan Tan

Length:11:15mi    8th Nov. 2015


Stop this Performance”

--This work has some delicate relationship with the performance “We have nothing to do with art”, you can only know it during listening…


“Marx travels in Venice”

--Today, 21st century, Marx comes to the worldwide famous “tourist heaven” Venice with his “Das Kapital Oratorio”, but he didn’t imagine that his book would be read for 7 months on the stage of Venice Biennale!

In this audio, contemporary artist Isaac Julien is explaining the concept of his work “Das Kapital Oratorio” at Venice Biennale, which is a work of reading the text of “Das Kapital Oratorio” lively. PhD student Claire and Master student Jeremie are expressing their compliments of this art work, for the chance to let people read this book seriously. Meanwhile, youtuber and American tourist Srw100 and an Expedia travel guide are attempting to recommend some “have to go”and “have to eat” in Venice to the great tutor Marx…  


"Happy new year from TanBo"

--An official declaration of awarded artists TanBo at the stage of Venize Biennale! Issued on the first day of 2016. 


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