Artist: Tan Tan

Category :Experimental film/Animation


Production year:2007

Participation of festivals, exhibitions:

  • China Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China, September, 2008
  • "Destilando territorios communes - Revealing Common Territories" international art exhibition, Palacio Consistorial, Murcia, Spain, October, 2008
  • 3rd Beijing Independent Film Festival, Beijing, China, November, 2008
  • 43th Tampere Film Festival-"Retrospective of Tan Tan", Tampere, Finland, March, 2013
  • "Lost in Home"Tan Tan Moving Image Exhibition+Improvised Music Concert, Jiali Gallery, Beijing, China, July, 2013
  • "Lost In Home"Tan Tan Experimental Film/Video Art, CCD Workstation, Beijing, China, August, 2013

A man sits quietly, and then he outstretches his hands to make some movements in the air. After a while, he starts to act as playing a guitar, in consequence a guitar shows up in his hands suddenly, but soon it turns into a broom, a pan,a Chinese cabbage,a dog,a knife……

The film tries to symbolize the roads of becoming artists, or talk about how to find the inner melody of yourself……