Artist: Tan Tan

Category: Experimental film


Production year: 2008 

  • "Collisions in Forms": Experimental Videos from Shanghai and Beijjing, USA, November,2008.
  • 28th Vancouver International Film Festival, "Dragons & Tigers·Chinese Poetry" section, Canada, October,2009.
  • 43th Tampere Film Festival-"Retrospective of Tan Tan", Finland, March,2013
  • "Lost In Home"Tan Tan Experimental Film/Video Art, CCD Workstation, Beijing, China, August,2013
  • 11th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival, New Delhi, India, March,2015

It is a film about time, history, and memory.

In a very old hotel, a woman in red cheong-sam appears, and disappears in some rooms, corridors and corners. When she stands up from a sofa, the sofa turns to old, when she passes a corner of stairs, the handrail gets to be coated with dust…We can gradually discover that the hotel is abandoned!

The real leading role is the hotel itself. Every furnishing, dust, light and shadow is acting vicissitudes as a drama. You can imagine from them how a batch after a batch of guests came in the hotel.

Finally, we can see there are many posters with slogans hanged everywhere in the hall. In fact, the hotel was used for demolition office not long ago.

“Qian Men No.1 Hotel” was built in 1901 in Beijing. In 2008, It is a secret place surrounded by many construction sites.