music/sound work




Music/Sound is always a crucial element of Tan Tan's works.

Her music/sound works mix performance art, theatre and film/Video frequently. In addition, she likes to collaborate with other artists/musicians with their music/sound creation.

As an independent singer, she participated in several albums of different types of musicians/groups, such as Psykovsky (psytrance & electro), Hollow Shadow (folk & rock), Horse In The Dark (folk), Jelly Fish (Rock).

For Tan Tan it’s not so important to be a “musician”, but more significant to have music in every corner of her life.

Vocal/composition for psytrance & electro

Long-term collabration with Psykovsky from 2011


For Intermedia work

Unknown Ritual (2015-)

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Venize Biennale (2015-)

Three sound art pieces that are part of art project "Venize Biennale" (performance, pictures, installation, online newsletters), from November 2015, in progress

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For Theatre

The Dictionary of soul (2015-2016)

Two tracks composed for the theatre performance “The Dictionary of soul” (directed by Li Ning), played at 2015 Beijing Fringe Festival, China, September, and Wuzhen Theatre Festival, China, October, 2016.

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For Film/Video ART

Lost In Home (2013)

Music composed for TanTan's intermedia installation and movie "Lost in Home" 

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