Since the late 90's, Eric Bribosia composed scores for films and theatre.

He has a long collaboration with theatre director Jean-Michel D'Hoop, for whom he composed 4 theatre musics, and he composed the soundtrack for several long feature film, including "Beyond the steppes" by belgian director Vanja Dalcantara, and Khalass, by lebanese director Borhane Alaouie.


Beyond The Steppes : a Film by Vanja Dalcantara

Khalass: a Film By Borhane Alaouie

A gripping and sometimes harrowing story of a mother's determination to keep herself and her infant child alive despite brutal hardship.

Jury Prize in Marrakech International Film festival 2011

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Present Day Beirut, in the midst of chaotic reconstruction. Ahmed and Robby became friends during the war, sharing similiar dreams, Ahmed's: poetry and theater, Robby's: cinema. Both dreamed of a better world. Like many others, they fought for that dream. But they came out of the war with a bitter feeling of betrayal and disappointment. Ahmed works as a columnist for a local newspaper. Robby tries to make ends meet by directing vague video documentaries about the environment, but nobody is interested in them.

Best Screenplay Award - Dubai International Film Festival 2007 - Best Editor Award - Dubai International Film Festival 2007


Three Old Ladies: a play by A.Jodorowsky

Staged by Jean-Michel D'Hoop

An intriguing canvas for taxidermist actors, puppets and assorted objects, which can hold its head high when compared to either Goya's monsters
or to surrealists of all kinds.

A polysemic tale reminding us that we should not always trust appearances, family stories, clichés and other props
of convenience.

"De Trop" a play by Daniel Adam & Francois Houart

staged by Jean Michel D'Hoop

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An Intervention Theatre about the place of old people in contemporary european societies.

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