Eric Bribosia Bands

Besides his work with TanBo, his solo works and his compositions for film and theatre, Eric Bribosia plays and had played with many Brussels based Bands, from free improvisation to jazz, from rock to folk, with whom he toured all over Europe, Asia and Africa... 

Bands: Yokaï, Wolke, Kangling, Karim Gharbi, Les Chroniques de l'Inutile,Toine Thys: "la melodie philosophale" Mu, Jawhar, Blacklight Orchestra, Think of One, S.W.A.N. ...

He had 13 albums released with different bands, for instance “Jahwar and the Shibatas”, “Karim Gharbi”, “The Black Light Orchestra”, “Matthieu Ha”. 


They describe themselves as a meeting between six strange entities, an eye of the cyclone composed of hypnotic grooves, african and oriental desert spaces … Yokai members are well known faces of the brussels musical landscape that will bring you highly energetic, definitely original and very well balanced evening.

Fred Becker: saxophones
Jordi Grognard: saxophones and reeds
Matthieu Van: keys
Eric Bribosia: keys
Clement Nourry: guitars
Axel Gilain: Bass
Yannick Dupont: drums
Louis Evrard: drums

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The lyrics in german and english, reflect the “Heimweh”, a feeling similar to the portuguese “Saudade”or to the Blues. The music immerses you in an authentic world that is both fragile and complex

What shines in Wolke is its uniqueness beyond any musical convention. Anja speaks to you directly while the music opens a space for the dialogue.

The group was created in 2009 and subsequently released a self-produced EP the same year. In 2015, the project releases its first album with NAFF Rekordz.

Anja Kowalski: vocals and guitar
Benjamin Sauzereau: Guitars
Yannick Dupont : drums
Eric Bribosia: Keys


Karim Gharbi

At the border between music and language, popular culture and poetry, singing and acting, the songs of Karim Gharbi are developing an original musical universe. Artisi with multiple sides, Karim Gharbi's originality has been awarded several times.


Karim Gharbi:vocals
Clement Nourry: guitars
Gil Mortio: bass
Eric Bribosia: Keys
Jens Bouttery: drums

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Kangling travels between atmospheric pop and hypnotyzing groove, wild and sweet simultaneously.

"Make our inner demons dance and sing, giving up the projections of a better self, and connecting myself to the simple and powerful pleasure of making my voice heard."


Axel Gilain: Bass
Eric Bribosia: Keys
Jean-Philippe Degheest: drums

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Les Chroniques de l'Inutile


Les Chroniques de l’Inutile, playing compositions by its guitar player Benjamin Sauzereau, explores the border between written music and the freedom of improvisation. .Very “song-like”, wild in some moments, or surprisingly gentle and peaceful in some others, les Chroniques de L’inutile, either as full orchestra (septet) or as a smaller combo will have you dream and move.

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitars and compositions
Erik Bogaerts: alto sax and clarinet
Gregor Siedl: tenor sax
Pierre Bernard: flutes
Lennaert Heindels: double bass
Jens Bouttery: drums
Eric Bribosia: keys

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Wolke Anja Kowaslki   Naff Rekordz, 2015                         Listen and buy here

Yokaï   Yokai productions 2015                                          Listen and buy here

From Form    Mu       Thödöl, 2015                                 Listen and buy here

Poisson d'Or   Karim Gharbi  Factice/Sowarex 2015           Listen and buy here

Qibla wa QoblaJawharNaff rekordz 2014                           Listen and buy here

S.W.A.N.  David Bovée and Swan, Stalker 2011                  Listen and buy here

Shoot Them AllRackham Bartok productions 2011             Listen and buy here

Late victorian Blacklightorchestra, BLO productions 2011 Listen and buy here

BBB   Blacklight orchestra   Homerecords 2009                 Listen and buy here

Ivan et les singes savants    Là productions, 2007             Listen and buy here