Band "Tanbo" 

Since 2013, Tan Tan and Eric Bribosia have been creating music together. In the end of 2014, they started their band “TanBo”. They are attempting to merge the styles of Electro, Experimental, Improvisation, Sound Art, World Music and Rock into their sound universe. 

In addition, they like to collaborate with other artists/musicians on improvisation. Until now they have played with many musicians such as Matthieu Ha(France/Belgium), Fan Peipei(China), Da Zui(China), Parallel Asteroid(Lan Cao & Gregor Siedl, Austria), Blindman(China), "CABANE"(Belgium), etc.

Here are some excerpts of their different musical experiments, Enjoy Listening!


Band Music

Eric Bribosia: Keyboard, synthesizer, electro

Tan Tan: Voice,  synthesizer, electro


- Concerts with Parallel Asteroid(Lan Cao & Gregor Siedl, Austria) in Hangzhou and Wuhan, China, October, 2016 -

- Concert at Coastline Bar, Wuhan, September, 2015 -

Guest musicians: No Three No Four

- Concert “Improvised Alchemy” at VOX Livehouse, with improvised physical theatre, Wuhan, June, 2013 -

Guest musicians: Peipei, Da zui, Zhang Yiding, Zhang Jiawei; physical theatre artists: Chen Mengqi, Bi Haiyan, Zhang zhen, Si Qing, Li Qiang, Tian Wenwen, Mao Guangtian, Li Xiangyang, Fu Fanhuan, Cai Mengyuan, Xu Teng, Zhang Mengqi, Li Xinmin, Wang Haian, Shu qiao, Luo Bing, Wu Wenguang.