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TanBo is a signal of soul and spirit exchanging

TanBo is a sort of power to cross the liminality

TanBo is waiting for you elsewhere...

TanBo is an artist group focusing on intermedia art and music,  composed of Chinese artist Tan Tan and Belgian musician Eric Bribosia, currently working and living in Belgium (Brussels, Gent) and China (Wuhan).

This group dedicates itself to break the barriers between diverse art forms such as performance art, music, sound art, moving image art, contemporary theatre/dance, and media art, attempting to make inter-disciplinary works which could interconnect different art fields.

The core subject of their works is always shifting between sacred and secular rituals, reality and fiction. On the methods of their creation, they employ site-specific improvised performance frequently. Meanwhile, they like to invite other artists and people with diverse backgrounds to join them on account of the system “collective parallel creation” that they are setting up, referring to a status in which artists works together fairly and freely on certain mutual themes in an anti-structure community. 

Intermedia works/activities:


  • Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017, May to November
  • Venize Biennale 2017 "TRANS-BORDERING ART", Venice, Italy,May
  • Solo exhibition “Unknown Ritual No.1”, Le Clignoteur Art Space, Brussels, Belgium, January


Perform Music/Sound in theatre “Soul Dictionary”, played at "Specially invited plays" of 2016 Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Wuzhen, China, October

TanBo Solo exhibition "Venize Biennale World Tour 2016-Chongqing Stop", Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, China, June

“Unknown Ritual” (In progress), performance, video, photography, installation, February 2015 untill now. The trailer of “Unknown Ritual No.1” was selected in the program of artistic Cable TV station SFE TV (Souvenirs from Earth Television), Germany, April


Intermedia art “la Biennale di Venize /Venize Biennale” (performance, pictures, installation, online newsletters), at 56th Venice Biennale and online, November-January, 2016

Intermedia Performance “1,000,000,000 mobile universes” at Wuhan Art Museum, September

Composed Music/Sound and participated the theatre performance “Soul Dictionary” (directed by Li Ning), played at 2015 Beijing Fringe Festival, September

Intermedia Performance “Shadow/Matter”+Improvised Music/Sound Art Workshop, Wuhan, China, February


Sound Art Performance “Genesis” at “Sound/Body/Image/Power” Multi-Media Art Festival, K11 Artspace, Wuhan, China

Intermedia Theater “Omnipresent” (in collaboration with Li Ning) at “Sound/Body/Image/Power” Multi-Media Art Festival , K11 Artspace, Wuhan, China


"Lost in Home" Tan Tan Moving Image Exhibition+Improvised Music Concert with Matthieu Ha, Jiali Art Gallery, Beijing, China, July

Improvised performance“Body Space” with Li Ning/The physical Guerrillas, “Media,Art and Performance: The International Syposium of Interdisciplinary Practice And Performative Media In Art Education”, China Academy of Art, July

“Improvised Alchemy” Experimental music + Improvised dance, Vox Livehouse , Wuhan, China, June 

“May it be” Experimental music+VJ performance with Matthieu Ha, Wuhan, China, May

“Music Painting & Image Orchestra” Experimental music+VJ performance with Matthieu Ha, Wuhan, China, May


“Mû”Jazz band (Yann Lecollaire: Clarinet, Quentin Manfroy: flutes, Benjamin Chaval, drums,Eric Bribosia: Keyboard, synthesizer) + VJ Performance (Tan Tan), Brussels, Belgium (2012-2014)

Music of TanBo:

Since 2013, Eric Bribosia and Tan Tan have been making music together. They are attempting to merge the styles of Experimental, Improvisation, Sound Art, World Music, Rock (Dark Wave and Gothic) into their sound universe. In addition, they like to collaborate with other artists/musicians on improvisation. Until now they have played with many musicians such as Matthieu Ha(France/Belgium), Fan Peipei(China), Da zui(China), Parallel Asteroid(Lan Cao & Gregor Siedl, Austria), Blindman(China) .

More information at: http://www.tan-bo.com/music-soundart/

Film/Video of TanBo:

After some preliminary collaboration on Tan Tan’s experimental film/video installation “Lost In Home”, Eric Bribosia and Tan Tan decided to create some moving image works together.

From 2015 until now, they are working on an intermedia art/film “Unknown Ritual”, in which they invited some performance artists(Li Ning, Zhang Mengqi, He Chengyun, Bi Haiyan, Zhu Linan) to do some site-specific improvised performance with them, in order to cross-over the boundaries between film and performance art.