1st Changjiang International Present Art Exhibition

Category: Performance art, photography, web news art

Artist:Tan Tan, XXW, Liang Shuang


This work started from some real performances, and then was  transferred into“hoax”with web news.

In one grand award ceremony of an Art Biennale in China, Tan Tan gathered other two “unawarded” artists other than her, and organized their own “1st Changjiang International Present Art Exhibition” immediately, which was an adapted name from the “original one”. The exhibition was held in the hall after the ceremony finished, they carried out a “performance art competition”, and issued “golden, silver, bronze” prizes...

At last, the three were succeeded to be symbolically awarded by the “real chairman”(he is the most famous pioneer of Chinese contemporary art) of the “real exhibition”.

With that the group spread the news of their award on “WeChat”(chatting App on mobile), but they wrote the text in a very ridiculous way and illustrated many photos that were modified by photoshop badly. Surprisingly, they still received plenty of sincere congratulations from friends and strangers…