TanBo as Intermedia Musicians

Music/Sound Art is a main element of TanBo's works. Although they often work and perform as a band, TanBo is not a “typical” band that people mostly think of.

Besides pure musical composition, their music performances mix performance art, theatre and film/Video frequently, or the music is part of their other art works. In addition, they like to collaborate with other artists/musicians with their music/sound creation.

For them it’s not so important to be a “musician”, but more significant to have music in every corner of their life.

For Intermedia work

Unknown Ritual (2015-)

Here are the first excerpts of the music for TanBo's intermedia art / film “Unknown Ritual”, in which they invited some performance artists(Li Ning, Zhang Mengqi, He Chengyun, Bi Haiyan, Zhu Linan) to do some site-specific improvised performance with them, in order to cross-over the boundaries between film and performance art.

More information about "Unknown Ritual": http://www.tan-bo.com/unknown-ritual


Venize Biennale (2015-)

Three sound art pieces that are part of TanBo's intermedia work : La Biennale di Venize/Venize Biennale (performance, pictures, installation, online newsletters), from November 2015, in progress

More information about "Venize Biennale"http://www.tan-bo.com/venize-biennale


For Theatre

The Dictionary of soul (2015-2016)

Two tracks composed for the theatre performance “The Dictionary of soul” (directed by Li Ning), played at 2015 Beijing Fringe Festival, September

More information about “The Dictionary of soul” : http://www.tan-bo.com/the-dictionary-of-soul


For Film/Video ART

Lost In Home (2013)

Music composed for TanTan's intermedia installation and movie "Lost in Home" 

More information about "Lost in Home" : http://www.tan-bo.com/lost-in-home