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Eric Bribosia's music is always trying to cross borders, between improvisation and composition, spontaneity and reflexion.

- winner of best world music album at "Octaves de la musique" with Jahwar and the Shibata ,2014

 -winner of " french song biennale 2010" with Karim Gharbi,

- Winner of the first prize in contest "Giovanni musicisti europei" with Minimax in Aosta in august 2007

The Music of Eric Bribosia is always trying to cross borders, between improvisation and composition, spontaneity and reflexion. He participated several avant-garde sound experiments and crossover performances with moving image, theatre, dance which nourished his boundless research of unknown sounds.

His music is also fed by his various bands experience (free improvisation, jazz, rock,folk) and his numerous travels troughout Asia,America,Africa and Europe. He had 13 albums released with different bands, for instance: “Karim Gharbi”, "Wolke", "Yokaï", “Jahwar", “The Black Light Orchestra”, “Matthieu Ha”. 

From 2014, he adventured himself, with artist Tan Tan and their artist group TanBo into intermedia/performance art and experimantal music/ sound art.

Bachelor in Philosophy at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Bachelor and Master in Music (jazz piano, composing and arrangement) at Royal Conservatory of Music Brussels(Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel)

Scores for theatre:

  • "the mad and the nun", by S.Witckiewicz, staged by J.M. d'Hoop 2003
  • " Spring awakening" by F. Wedekind, staged by J.M. d'Hoop 2005
  • " the village in flames" by R.W. Fassbinder, staged by J.M. d'Hoop, 2007
  • "Three old ladies" by A Jodorowski, world creation, staged by J.M. d'Hoop, tour in Chili, Brasil, Spain
  • " La Mélodie Philosophale" with Toine Thys and Jens Bouttery, organized by “the musical youth” Belgium, 2013
  • " Soul Dictionary" with Tan Tan, directed by Li Ning, performed in 2015 Beijing Fringe Festival and many other leading festivals from September, 2015 until now

Scores for long feature films:

  • "A perdre la raison" directed by Joachim Lafosse 2012 participation to the score  ——(Winner best female interpretation in Festival de Cannes, "Un certain regard")
  • "Beyond the steppes" directed by Vanja d'Alcantara 2011  ——(Winner of the Best director in Skip City International D-cinema Festival,Winner of the jury in the prize international film festival in Marrakech,Won the best actress inFlanders Film Awards 2011, In official selection in Tokyo International film festival, In official selection in Locarno film festival
  • "Khalass" directed by B.Alaouie 2007  ——(Winner best script and best editing at the international film festival in DubaÏ)
  • "Bitter Flowers" directed by Olivier Meys 2017 Tarantula productions (to be released autumn 2017)

Scores for short films/video art:

  • "Come what may" directed by Maxime Feyers & Mathieu Bergeron 2011
  • “Lost In Home” by Chinese artist Tan Tan 2013  ——(Winner "The best exploration"Award at 5th XI'AN International video festival, China, October,2014, In official selection in 43th Tampere Film Festival-"Retrospective of Tan Tan" & -"FestArt-China Experience"Exhibition,2013, 3rd Beijing film Academy International New Media Arts Triennial Exhibition, Beijing, China, October)

Sound installation:

  • Genesis: a sound installation and performance for 8 loudspeakers and 5 performers, June 2014

Scores for silent movies :

  • Sunrise (Murnau), Modern Times (Chaplin), Liberty (Laurel and Hardy), the ghost who never returns (L.Abramov), the Godess (WuYyonggang)

- Winner of the first prize in contest "Giovanni musicisti europei" with Minimax in Aosta in august 2007


Plays or has played with various brussels based bands:

  • Think of One (winner of BBC world music awards, 2007),
  • Jahwar(winner of best world music album at the "Octaves de la musique" ,2014)
  • Karim Gharbi(winner of " french song biennal"2010) Matthieu Ha,
  • Les Chroniques de l'inutile
  • The Black Light Orchestra
  • Wolke, Swan, Mû, Yokaï, Kangling


  • "Live in loveboat " Matthieu Ha, istes productions 2005
  • "Ivan et les singes savants": Là productions, 2007
  • "BBB"  the Blacklight orchestra, Homerecords 2009
  • "Late victorian" the Blacklightorchestra, BLO productions 2011
  • "Shoot them all" Rackham, Bartok productions 2011
  • "Karim Gharbi" Karim Gharbi, K.G. productions 2011, winner of " frenchsong biennale", 2010
  • "S.W.A.N." , David Bovée and Swan, Stalker productions 2011
  • "Qibla wa Qobla" Jawhar, NAFF Rekordz 2014 winner of best world music album at the "Octaves de la musique" Belgium
  • "From Form" MÛ, Thödöl 2015
  • "Wolke", Naff Rekordz 2015
  • "Poisson d'or" Karim Gharbi, Sowarex productions,  2015 winner of best "French Song" album at the "Octaves de la musique" Belgium 2016
  • "Kangling" EP, recorded in London,  2015
  • "Yokai" Yokai productions 2015
  • "Yokaï 2" Humpty dumpty records, 2017 (to be released autumn 2017)
  • "Virgule" les Chroniques de l'inutile, El Negocito records january 2017

Teaching experience

  • 2001:  Workshop of Music and theatre in collaboration with the "Point Zero" company in Sibiu, Romania
  • 2012: Masterclass in improvisation in the Superior Institute of Music in Tunis
  • 2013: Workshop of “Sound art / Improvised music”
  •         +"Sound,Body,Image,Power"multi-media art theater, Hubei Institute            Of Fine Arts,May-June,Wuhan,China
  • 2014: Workshop of “Sound art / Improvised music”
  •         +"Sound,Body,Image,Power"multi-media art festival, Hubei Institute            Of Fine Arts, chi k11 art space, April-June,Wuhan,China
  • 2015: Course of “Experimental Music and Sound Art”, Hubei Institute Of Fine Arts, December- January,Wuhan,China
  • 2015: Course of "Multi-Media Art", Hubei Institute Of Fine Arts, May-June, Wuhan, China
  • 2016-2017: Teacher in "Remua" association, musical education for kids from 6 to 12 years